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JUNE 1, 2018

Crisanta Knight: The Liar, The Witch, & The Wormhole

There’s no place like home. And maybe that’s a good thing. The two homes I know—my school and my fairytale castle in the kingdom of Midveil—aren’t what they used to be.

With my friends by my side and the aid of a new mentor for magic, I thought I was ready to fight the antagonists who planned to take over the realm of Book and destroy all the protagonists. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans that I didn’t see coming.

And that’s saying a lot for a girl who can see the future.

On our quest to find the missing Fairy Godmother Paige Tomkins, my friends and I would be transported to an array of magical lands. From the horrors of Sleepy Hollow and the shores of Neverland, to the Wizard of Oz’s front door—we were in for one dangerous, bizarre foe and setting after another. And yet, they would be no stranger than my own world, which I didn’t even recognize anymore.

With a rebellion brewing in Book, magic hunters making my school life impossible, a family dynamic as fragile as the very glass my castle was built from, and the people I trusted most turning against me, I couldn’t help but wonder: Was this world of peril and persecution the only home I would ever know? Or did I have the strength inside me to build something better?

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