Girl vs. Internet

As part of my work as a digital marketing manager for small to medium sized businesses, it is my goal to stay up-to-date on digital, and online presence management matters. Additionally, an aspect of my work that I truly take pride in is educating others, helping normal people understand the technical things that might seem […]

A Tale of Two Golf Carts

In my adventures I have found that golf carts and I, when combined, lead to some pretty interesting, precarious times. The following is an account of two such exploits, the likes of which are kind of ridiculous, but also oddly true. Like, seriously; I may be a YA fiction and fantasy writer, but this chiz […]

Fire & Ice & Glitter

I never liked this poem. No offense to my man, Robert Frost—his poem “The Road Not Taken” is practically my jam—but I’ve always just found this particular bit of writing to be too dark. When my 8th grade English class first analyzed the poem long ago, I immediately had one question in response to Mr. […]