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Looking for a YA fiction book series to obsess over? Get ready to have your mental socks knocked off, then put back on, then knocked off again by the fantastical, fairytale world of The Crisanta Knight Series. Book Three in the series, Crisanta Knight: Inherent Fate, released September 1, 2017 and can now be ordered from YA fiction booksellers everywhere! It’s now a #1 New Release e-book on Amazon!


Crisanta Knight: Inherent Fate


I had learned a lot in the last couple of days. I’d figured out how to defeat a fairytale villain with a Toyota 4Runner, how to surf on furniture (à la Aladdin and his magic carpet), and how to confront my wicked step-grandmother. But these bizarre lessons were only just the beginning.

If I was to overcome the obstacles in my path, I had plenty of learning left to do—about myself, and about my enemies. Between Nadia the queen of villains, and the leader of the Fairy Godmothers, I was in for a lot of trouble in this final phase of our quest to alter our fates. Separated from our friends, Daniel and I had to work together to traverse the kingdom of Alderon and evade the antagonists who were trying to destroy us.

Moreover, we had to do it while figuring out whether or not we could truly be friends. Not an easy sell when I was prophesized to put an end to his girlfriend. Can you say awkward?

With our mission drawing to a close, my significance to Nadia, my relationship with Natalie Poole, and my magical power were about to be revealed. But among these great truths, little did I know I was on the verge of discovering a strength that would be infinitely more powerful—one that had been inside me all along . . .

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