Girl vs. Internet

As part of my work as a digital marketing manager for small to medium sized businesses, it is my goal to stay up-to-date on digital, and online presence management matters. Additionally, an aspect of my work that I truly take pride in is educating others, helping normal people understand the technical things that might seem confusing from the outside. I genuinely believe that this stuff can be taught, and it can be learned. It just needs to be explained in relatable terms. As such, I often write blogs and compose guides to help people understand this digital world that I spend so much time in. Have a look at some of the pieces below, and expand your knowledge of all things online today!

Girl vs. Internet Blogs

Girl vs. Internet – Choosing Your Website Platform

Girl vs. Internet – The Wonders of WordPress

Girl vs. Internet – The Importance of Written Content

Girl vs. Internet – Content Written for SEO

Girl vs. Internet – Title Tags

Girl vs. Internet – Meta Descriptions

Girl vs. Internet – HTML Sitemaps

Girl vs. Internet – XML Sitemaps

Girl vs. Internet – Types of Web Traffic

Girl vs. Internet – Google’s Local Pack

Girl vs. Internet – Robots.txt

Girl vs. Internet – Canonicalization

Girl vs. Internet – HTML Editor (a.k.a. Editing in Code)

Girl vs. Internet – User Interface

Other Blogs & Guides

Banning People in Facebook

Understanding IP Address Filters

Understanding IP Address Filter Ranges

Understanding Types of Traffic & Visitor Engagement Metrics

Understanding Keyword Ranking Reports

IAPPS Guide Part 1

IAPPS Guide Part 2

IAPPS Guide Part 3

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